Uber Taxi Ashland Oregon

Currently there is no Uber taxi service in Ashland Oregon at the moment.

So far Uber has no interest investing in small markets like this, they mainly target larger cities with a minimum population of 100,000 people.
How much does Uber-X in making on each ride? 20% of the fare, for example if there is a $10 ride the driver gets $8 , Uber gets $2 for running the Ap.

Does Uber service cost less than regular taxi service? Generally yes, it will cost you less most of the time, except rush hours.
Uber-X or Lift fares can fluctuate during the day, depending on demand. During rush hours ride share service it can cost more than regular taxicab service.

Why does it cost less? Their drivers need no commercial insurance, no taxi license, no city licenses, no business licenses, no medallion costs no nothing.
I wonder what happens in case of an accident, when the insurance determines that the vehicle was used for commercial purposes, not for personal use.