Ashland Or Taxi Cab Service

Proudly serving Ashland Oregon area. In-town Ashland Local Rides Welcome!

Our taxis are currently licensed in the city of Ashland and Medford.

Our Current Taxi Rates:
* Flag Drop (Start) fee: $3
* Standard rate: $3 / mile
* Waiting charge: $25 / Hour or 42cents / min
* Rogue Valley Airport Access fee: $1 / trip
* Major Credit Cards are accepted for an additional $2 / transaction.
* Discounted long distance rates: From $1.75 to $2.75/mile
* Cleanup fee for any food or beverage $25
* Alcohol or sickness induced bodily fluids cleanup/sanitizing/lost wages fee $150
* No discounts on Friday & Saturday between 8:00am - 4am
* We are Not responsible for lost items.



Popular hotels in Ashland: Ashland Springs Hotel, Best Western Windsor Inn, Holiday Inn, Flagship Inn